Roseville Kitchen Cabinet Renovations

Roseville Kitchen Cabinet Renovations

A popular Roseville kitchen cabinet renovation.


Kitchen renovations of very old or historic residences usually incorporate new kitchen cabinetry. Historical residences typically have no built-in cabinets and old homes generally have inadequate and also dated cabinets. Historic houses generally used furniture instead of mounted cabinetry.

More mature houses sometimes still have enamel covered metal cabinetry or even particle board cabinetry. Kitchen makeovers generally change out these types of outdated styles and inferior materials. Some kitchen cabinets in older residences exhibit the consequences of a chip in the thin layer of  “finish” on composition board or fiberboard cupboards.

Home owners planning kitchen restorations today, often start planning and designing their new kitchen by selecting cabinetry. There are numerous variables to consider in choosing cabinets. It is essential to think about these issues early in the planning process.


Price is a very vital thing to consider when choosing cabinets. Most experts say kitchen cabinets can account for about half of the overall cost of kitchen makeovers. If your spending budget is $50,000, you have considerably more choices than if your budget is $15,000.


The initial determination will be the variety of wood used to produce your cabinetry. Do you desire all-natural finishes on the wood, or perhaps will you be happy with a less expensive wood stained in the finish of a more high-priced wood. For example, do you want natural cherry or will you be happy with a different wood stained to look like cherry? The cost difference will have an effect on your spending budget for kitchen renovations.


What sort of finish do you want on your kitchen cabinetry? Do you want a color, such as white or perhaps black? Do you want a wood finish – natural, maple, walnut, oak, cherry, or another wood? Do you want a shiny finish or a dull/matte finish? Will your selection influence your kitchen renovations plans?


In which specific style do you plan to design your new kitchen? Will your cooking area be old fashioned, country or modern? Will it have a clearly American, Southern, French, English, Old World or maybe rustic flavor? Or, will you end up being happier with a more eclectic style for your kitchen renovations?

Construction Type

The decisions that will certainly affect your kitchen renovations spending plan and design are:

  • Are edges dove-tailed, glued, stapled or nailed?
  • Exactly how much weight can the drawers support?
  • Will the case be manufactured of the identical wood as the doors or of plyboard?
  • Will shelves be built of the same wood or of plywood?

Door Styles

Your cabinets and drawers will probably have doors and fronts styled to be consistent with the kitchen design you have decided on for your kitchen renovations. These may possibly have an overlay panel, a flat panel or a raised panel. Unique shapes are also available in a few of these variations.

Manufacturing Style

The production style you decide on for cabinets used in your kitchen renovations might have the biggest affect on your spending plan.

  • Knock-down (abbreviated KD) – These are the least costly kitchen cabinets. You can normally take these cabinets home from the retailer the same day and you can easily assemble and install them on your own. In the event that your project is on a tight budget, this is the best option.
  • Stock – Stock cabinets are mass-produced and tend to be the most common choice. They will be available in a limited number of wood, finishes styles and price ranges. They likewise will be offered solely in standard sizes.
  • Semi-Custom – These cabinets are furthermore only offered in standard sizes. There is more variety of styles, finishes, wood, accessories and accessibility along with organizational options for your kitchen renovations.
  • Custom – Custom cabinets will be the most costly of all production designs. This type of cabinet could be purchased from some manufacturers, but they are typically offered only from cabinetmakers. They are built to exact specs in any size and with virtually any alterations of style, inserts, size, and so on.

If you are thinking about kitchen renovations, you might want to begin your planning by looking at your kitchen cabinet options. Even though custom made cupboards are generally the most beautiful and distinctive, you can have beautiful cabinetry for your new kitchen at a significantly lower price.

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Roseville Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Roseville Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

An example of Roseville custom kitchen cabinetry at an affordable cost.



To the tremendous surprise of many Roseville home owners, it is actually viable to remodel a kitchen with very affordable custom kitchen cabinetry. The saying itself appears to be a contradiction in terms – affordable coupled along with custom kitchen cabinetry. Knowing the strategy of how to find budget friendly customized kitchen cabinetry, however, makes it possible for you to be able to fill your renovated kitchen with the elegance, sturdiness and flexibility of high-end custom kitchen cabinetry for about the selling price of stock cabinets in most home improvement outlets.

Your motive for desiring custom kitchen cabinetry for your all new kitchen might be:

  • Your desire for a certain exterior wood
  • Your need to have a particular wood finish
  • Wanting the elegance of the highest quality customized kitchen cabinetry
  • Wanting the durability connected with the very best cupboard construction
  • Need for flexibility in cabinet dimensions
  • Desire to incorporate organizational inserts
  • Desire to cover specialty appliances with coordinating wood
  • Desire for custom placement of traditional items
  • Desire for counters either higher or lower than standard

A substantial concern in planning and designing a kitchen area renovation is coordinating the project spending budget with the cost of all of the items you want to include. Custom kitchen cabinetry is generally the first desire home owners must forfeit in the battle to keep the budget low. Most of these homeowners, nonetheless, do not understand the secret of reasonably priced custom kitchen cabinetry.

Here is the actual secret you need to recognize to be able to fill your refurbished kitchen with reasonably priced custom-made kitchen cabinetry. Work along with a very good area cabinetmaker to design and style your upgrade and have your cabinetmaker modify high quality stock cabinets to satisfy your desires. All of the reasons you have for feeling you require custom kitchen cabinetry can certainly be made to happen by a good cabinetmaker with high-end stock cabinetry.

A good cabinetmaker can assist you plan your brand new kitchen cabinetry in a manner that entails the least modification of your stock cabinets. Next, your cabinetmaker will work along with you to figure out the best locations for cabinets you want customized in some way. Then, the cabinetmaker can take your stock cabinets to his/her work shop and modify your stock cabinets into the custom kitchen cabinetry you assumed was only a dream.

Working jointly, you and your cabinetmaker will be able to evaluate all of the stock cabinetry alternatives available to you. You can subsequently buy the very best cabinetry available in the wood and the finish you would like. You will be in a position to make your selection with full knowledge of the cost associated with having the cabinets individualized for your remodel.

Your cabinetmaker will work with stock cabinets to re-size cupboards as required. The work will turn out to be invisible. When mounted no one who sees your cabinetry will know you did not spend a bundle of money on custom kitchen cabinetry.

Your cabinetmaker will likewise work with you to find or build the inserts needed to organize your drawers and to make everything in a cupboard quickly accessible. S/he will design, construct and install coordinating covers for kitchen appliances. Floor mounted cabinets can be modified to the ideal height.

When your cabinetmaker completes his/her work and installs your brand new cabinetry, absolutely no one will find out you used reasonably priced custom kitchen cabinetry. Everybody is going to assume you spent a ton of money on your gorgeous cabinets. What is more, you may have distinctive specialty cabinets fashioned by your cabinetmaker to satisfy your unique needs and wants.

Some cabinetmakers also have purchasing agreements with cabinet manufacturers and suppliers that even further lower the cost of your kitchen by allowing them to buy stock cabinets at a deep discount and pass the lower price on to you. Roseville custom kitchen cabinetry can be obtained this way by contacting our parent company, Kitchen Cabinet Value, at the link below.

You never ever need to tell your friends and neighbors that you actually paid about the same amount of money for your personalized cabinets as they paid for cheaper quality stock cabinets. You can attain this kind of cost savings when you redesign or renovate because you know the secret of buying affordable custom kitchen cabinetry.

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Roseville Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Lots of homeowners are actually pleasantly surprised to realize there are so many Roseville kitchen cabinet styles anytime they pay a visit to a home improvement store or a cabinet shop. The remarkable variety and the range of available cabinet choices can easily often be mind-boggling. This assortment, however, likewise assures that just about every homeowner can certainly uncover kitchen cabinet styles to be able to meet his or her individual taste.

Most of us define kitchen cabinet styles by a range of features. The first and foremost is usually the wood used in production. Homeowners decide on the particular wood for their cabinets based on color and grain, generally. A few styles are also painted. The options include:

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • White
  • Espresso (black)

Nearly all wood can be finished either natural as well as glazed. White cabinets can likewise always be painted as well as glazed in an antique finish. The grain pertaining to the wood varies from one to the next. Oak, for example, features a extremely prominent grain. Cherry, as well as walnut kitchen cabinet styles, are generally recognized by both grain as well as color of the wood. The lumber used for almost all cabinets built in the U.S. is maple.

The most noticeable element of a cabinet is the door. However, the side of the “box” will be seen on the end of a group of cabinets. Doors are made either with raised panels or even with recessed panels. A few contemporary style cabinets are made of flat door surfaces. The big difference between these kitchen cabinet styles will be whether or not the middle of the door is raised above the level of the frame or is recessed below the frame.

The next consideration in deciding on kitchen cabinet styles will be to select the wood, the finish and the door type which is the best fit for the architecture and décor of the house. For illustration, a Southern colonial with traditional décor can be the best match for the antique glazed white finish with raised panel doors. A mountain cabin would certainly be ideally suited for oak or walnut with recessed panel doors.

The majority of new homes built nowadays tend to be a “traditional” style of architecture, modeled on the two-story Georgian home or the ranch style one-level residence prominent in the early subdivisions of the 1950s. These homes are usually well suited for kitchen cabinet styles in oak, maple, walnut and cherry cabinetry. Either of the door designs is usually suitable.

White and black kitchen cabinet styles are a very good choice in many residences. The design of the doors and the choices in handles and pulls can make them blend well with virtually any style home as well as virtually any décor. In fact, many homeowners install all kitchen cabinet styles with no handles and knobs.

Generally there usually are two ways of thinking about handles and knobs (pulls). On the one hand, the handles and knobs safeguard the wood of the cupboards. Wet or dirty hands do not stain or damage the wood. On the other hand, a few feel the knobs and handles detract from the natural beauty of the wood and provide no essential function. Handles and knobs are available in a range of materials and designs to fit any preference.

Whatever your viewpoint regarding handles and pulls, kitchen cabinetry has become a work of art. Kitchen cabinet styles are available to suit virtually any personal taste, any architectural style of the property and any interior décor. White and black contrast magnificently with stainless steel or colored kitchen area appliances.

There is definitely something very warm and attractive about natural wood in any home. The alternatives offered in the various wood colors and grains, makes it possible for every person to find what they like among the many kitchen cabinet styles.

More information can be found on Roseville Kitchen Cabinet’s parent site, Kitchen Cabinet Value.

Please feel free to request our free report, “How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinet Company.” This report contains information that will save you time and money and help you buy quality custom kitchen cabinets at up to a 60% discount.

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